Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2017 Edition

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by darksun777, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. darksun777

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    All the best for you and your families, whoever is reading this here.

    I can not get around to say - it is very sad this forum is quite dead, it seems there are only 2 active members left.

    Does anyone know where all the other Collectors moved to? Or aren't they active anywhere else ?

    My wish and offer for 2018 ... if there would be enough collectors out there willing to help to fill up a new museum with content ... i would create a new one. But it would not make sense to do all this hard work without having enough active members.'s a sad fact there are so many fantastic collections out there (we all know that) and no one can see them. In this times it is very hard to get any kind of "new" items for your own collection, most of the really rare stuff is already on shelfs of collectors out there which are not going to the public for whatever reason.

    Ok enough...sorry for being that sentimental, it must be at the time of christmas :rolleyes:

    All the best.
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  2. jacuzi

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    There is a somewhat active collector scene on Facebook group LucasArts Adventure Games. Though it is not a museum just a place where people share thoughts, links etc related to these games.

    And yes the current state is sad. This used to be an active forum from 2005 to 2012 or so.
  3. darksun777

    darksun777 New Member

    Thank you jacuzi, i know this Facebook group. But it is just not comparable to a museum site / forum like this.

    Maybe times has changed and there is no more interest in such a museum / forum. This is what it looks like to me.
    It is probably a natural process forums die out, i see that in many other areas, too.

    I am sad about this fact, because Facebook is not a good platform for archiving discussions, reports/facts about games and so on. in some years all the informations will get lost.
    From what i read about this happened here, too (old threads lost during software upgrade) which is a desaster and should not have happened. i do not want to introduce myself how many important informations got lost.

    (please note, i do not want to blame the admin here or something like that).

    My thoughts seems the admin here has no more time left for administrating this site and put it in a working state again. But would it make sense to create a new site? Would it get enough ACTIVE members? I dont know.
  4. chaosman

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    I think people have simply moved on. I think this would be a great subforum somewhere else but on its own there is just not enough interest

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