LucasArts Archives vol I - IV


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This series deserves its own thread.

Archives vol.1 is really dear collection to me many ways, because I remember how my dad bought it for me from local game store. I had played some Lucas adventures (like Maniac Mansion and both Indiana Jones games) before, but this collection is a real reason why I fell in love with LucasArts adventures. Only my old computer knows how many times I played Dott, FoA and S&M through during the next few years :D

Vol1. have some interesting and rare box variants too, like "Christmas package" and "Special Hint book" version (in the picture).
I did some calculations and here are the weights I got for different boxes:
Vol1. 1st release = 407 g
Vol1. 2nd release = 380 g
Vol1. + Special Hintbook = 649 g

So, enclosed hintbook seems to be pretty hefty (around 242 g), but do you happen to know what kind of Hintbook there is inside that box? Is there a unique hintbook for this release or multiple hintbooks for different games? I know this variant is extremely rare but have you ever seen an opened CIB copy?
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I knew I can count on you Omar! I didnt know that later (2nd) release have hintbook version too. I assume those separate hintbooks weigh roughly over 200 g, so another mystery solved. Thanks :)


Yep, It seems to match! Apparently that plastic inlay version should weight a little bit less than the earlier 1st release. I double checked the weight of my 1st release box and the result is 649 or 650 g. This should be pretty accurate result.