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    What are the differences between Loom IBM and MAC box contents?
    I have two sealed ones and the MAC version weights 358 g even with the Hintbook enclosed sticker!
    IBM 1.st release weights 432 g.
    Museum doesn`t give a clue where the weight difference is coming from. There are obviously disc differences (3,5" vs 5,25") between the boxes, but ibm is 74 grams heavier and my scale should be pretty accurate! o_O
    Is it Adventurer magazine or something else?

    Loom kuvaa.jpg 38489406_236352173684844_4591060589039583232_n.jpg
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    Thanks Omar and sorry to answer so late, I have been quite busy in last two weeks.

    Something is definitely floating inside the box when I`m turning it around. MAC box seems to have folded corners and my old IBM release glued corners.
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    Here is a better picture: From left to right there is: Loom IBM (glued), Loom MAC (folded), MI2 (glued), DOTT (folded).
    (Loom boxes are in different order in earlier picture Aug.5)

    1x Box. 100g
    3x 3.5" floppies. 65g
    1x Cassette. 63g
    1x Manual (Mac). 12g
    1x Book of Pattern (later, no viewer). 38g
    1x Hint book (no plastic seal). 82g
    This roster seems to be pretty accurate, thanks again omar :)

    taitetut ja liimatut.jpg
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