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Discussion in 'Loom' started by Tseki, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Tseki

    Tseki Guest

    Complete Loom audio drama at YouTube:
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  2. albatrosxxl

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    Hi Tseki!

    I´m planing to buy the limited Loom audio drama. Do you or someone else know how much it´s nowadays worth?
    I have the option to buy a open one disk and a sealed one but the prices are very high and I´m in first line a Monkey Island collector and don´t knwo how much it´s worth and don´t want to pay tooo much for it...

  3. albatrosxxl

    albatrosxxl New Member

    Many thanks, Omar! Now I have an orientation.
  4. Tseki

    Tseki Guest

    Yeah something like that yes :)
  5. thzfsdhdty

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