Looking for Monkey Island merchandise (tarots, pins)

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Mr. Maximillion, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Mr. Maximillion

    Mr. Maximillion New Member


    I'm looking to buy all the merchandise related to Monkey Island (even the special editions) that I don't already have, in particular the tarot cards of Tales of Monkey Island and the pins of both TOMI and the Special edition of SOMI.
    Just post here or send me a PM if you want to sell any, thanks.
  2. Mr. Maximillion

    Mr. Maximillion New Member

    I bought the tarot cards set, but I'm still looking for other items, especially the Tales buttons set #1.
  3. albatrosxxl

    albatrosxxl New Member

    Hi Maximillion, I think that I have nearly every merchandise that belongs to ToMI, even the special boxes... Do you maybe interested in to trade something? If you want you can write me a pm.
  4. Mr. Maximillion

    Mr. Maximillion New Member

    Found the first set of pins of TOMI as well. :)

    Still searching for other merchandise, feel free to contact me if you have it or know where to find it.
  5. darksun777

    darksun777 New Member

    Could you Show a Picture of those Pins?
  6. darksun777

    darksun777 New Member

    I'm intrested in every kind of merchandising, too.
    If anyone have something for sale...PM me plz.

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