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Discussion in 'Labyrinth' started by m0rph, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. m0rph

    m0rph New Member

    I found online this copy of Labyrinth. The seller set the price to 350$ 1 month ago and now
    he reset the price to 200$. I know it's pretty rare and that's the first Lucas Arts game.
    Box has several scratches but the content seems to be complete. It's a Commodore 64 version.
    They ever did an IBM version of it?

    How much do you think its real value is?

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  2. Ahenobarbus

    Ahenobarbus Member

    It`s somewhat subjective matter, but personally I wouldn`t pay 200$ for this piece because box condition is big factor for me. Apparently it`s missing some original content too (Activision booklet?). Some other members are in better position to say how often Labyrinth boxes appear on ebay. There is one sealed version right now with the prize tag 1499€ ;)

    LAbyrinth sisältö.jpg

    Museum doesn`t say anything about that Activision booklet.. Is it something that belongs to original content of the box or not?
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  3. m0rph

    m0rph New Member

    As always, thanks for all the information!
    Yeah, I never played it too, but I thought it could be cool to have it just to complete
    all the Lucas Films/Arts games collection.
  4. Ahenobarbus

    Ahenobarbus Member

    Never played it either, but I would still love to have it in my collections too. Lucas is always Lucas :) I`m waiting right time and right box to appear :)
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  5. m0rph

    m0rph New Member

    I actually have it emulated with Applewin and I tried to play a few minutes
    but the interface is something really old school :)
    Something in between old text adventure and SCUMM. There is a sort of wheel with some
    verbs or object you can select and you move the character with the arrow keys.
  6. Ahenobarbus

    Ahenobarbus Member

    Dark times before SCUMM :D
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  7. jacuzi

    jacuzi Moderator Staff Member

    Nice to see some activity here again. Ive had two sealed Labyrinths in the past. The first one I think I sold for $400. Other one I sold in 2016 for 800€ I think. It had few issues too but was signed by Gary Winnick.

    Dont have any clues of open copies values.
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