How well do you keep track of the items in your collection?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by omar, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. omar

    omar Member

    I was just doing some reorganizing in my collection (Telltale + Monkey Island Special Edition items).
    In the process I saw I had a couple items I had forgotten I had (just needed to be reminded of them again).

    Before I started to photograph my LucasArts collection(not photographed my other collections yet) I'd say I remembered 99% of the items I had, their origins, price and etc... witch sadly means I didn't remember 1% of them...
    Remember one awkward period (that lasted longer than I'm willing to admit) where I kept trying to buy a specific edition of Loom but constantly got overbid, seller unwilling to send to Iceland and etc. getting pretty frustrated I looked over my Loom games looking for another missing edition to shift my focus to when I found I had already bought this copy. Literally have no memory of where I got it or how long I've had it... shortly after that I started to photograph my items to prevent this in the future....

    Happens once in a while I forget about items in my collection, but usually as soon as I see them I remember their details again.

    But today something different happened, when organizing my collection I couldn't find my "Sam & Max Season 2 Soundtrack" (relatively common collectible)... I literally looked everywhere in my collection thinking I must have misplaced it, but no luck... that was a bit weird so I looked over my customs invoices/purchase history and found no record of it...

    Looks like I've never owned it... even though I was 100% sure I did... still feel like I own a copy despite all documents tell me I don't...

    Any other collectors experienced something similar to this? :)
  2. darksun777

    darksun777 New Member

    I know that feeling :D

    Happens to me sometimes, too. Although my excel sheet tells me -> NO, you dont own that! ... i feel like it lies and it MUST be there. lol.
  3. ichich56

    ichich56 New Member

    I also use an Excel spreadsheet. I enter the name, system, condition, date of purchase, purchase price, shipping costs, customs, total price and special features and have a hyperlink to an offline version of the Ebay website and photos.
    Probably typical German ;)
  4. omar

    omar Member

    Well... now I just feel silly, I clearly need to rethink my "cataloging" system. :)
  5. Ahenobarbus

    Ahenobarbus Member

    I have almost similar excel spreadsheet like ichich, but I also try to collect and write down some specific information for every box/item I have. I`m interested to know who were the previous owners of the box/item (if possible) and how, when and where the product was originally on sale etc...
    For example I bought a while ago two Thimbleweed Park Limited Run Vinyl versions and they were sold out in couple of days so I add that kind of information to my bookkeeping too :)
  6. omar

    omar Member

    Glad seeing so many collectors are being so thorough when documenting their items. :)

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