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Discussion in 'Grim Fandango' started by m0rph, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. m0rph

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    Looks like it's in great condition... strange seeing it marked as an employee copy.
    Thought these were mostly sent to stores/reviewers and etc.

    Seen many copies where the sticker had been partially peeled off, assumed it was done be greedy retailers...

    Maybe jacuzzi can offer some insight into the "Not for resale" copies since he's been in contact with so many former employees?
  3. Ahenobarbus

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    This seems to be a genuine Lucas employee copy. Seller is Richard Green (I assume it`s ok to say it here too, because he posted ebay link with his own name in LucasArts Facebook site) and he confirmed that he is an original owner of this box. I assume that Green wasn`t part of Grim Fandango team, but he worked with lots of other Lucas Arts titles, like Rebel Assaults, Full Throttle etc..,4739/
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  4. Ahenobarbus

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    Jim Jupiter is selling another "Not for resale" GF box right now on ebay and it would be nice to hear from him the backstory of his box too.
  5. m0rph

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    Thanks for all the info!
  6. Ahenobarbus

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    Did you bid m0rph? Is it yours now? ;)
  7. m0rph

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    Nope...I would have liked to place a bid but the price went too high for me.

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