Full Throttle W/HB?

Discussion in 'Full Throttle' started by Tseki, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Tseki

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  2. omar

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    Have you tried comparing the weight of it to a standard release... Most releases that I've seen with this label appear to have the full Strategy guide included... but it could just be a coincident.

    At least my bet would be that this was a batch for a large retailer that came "With Hint Book".
  3. Tseki

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    I can't weight them because I don't have a scale :( Impossible (at least for me) to "weight / compare with hand". Of course there is no hint book for Full Throttle but in this case hint book could mean Official Player's Guide. Usually if there is something extra included there is a sticker saying "now with XXX or includes XXX" right?

    Did you notice that the other Full Throttle is the Standard Edition and the other is Limited Edition and that "W/HB" is on the Standard Edition. I was thinking maybe that "W" in the "W/HB" means without something instead of with something? How about without The Mini Official Player's Guide? Do you have this "W/HB" sticker in your Standard Edition with ComputerLife sticker?
  4. omar

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    I looked over couple of opened copies of this version (appear to be identical).

    They appears to contain:
    Standard IBM CD in case.
    Reference guide.
    "Read This First" (orange) flyer.
    Adventurer #12 + Registration card.
    "Any Questions?" card.
    Full Throttle Strategy guide.

    But no paper CD tray or mini strategy guide...

    When you hold it up and rotate do you hear the CD case move around inside?

    My copy does not have this ISBN sticker (It has the Limited edition sticker).
  5. jacuzi

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    There is also a release of Full Throttle with the Strategy Guide wrapped with the box, similar to Curse of Monkey Island and maybe for The Dig also. I dont remember if the box was shrinkwrapped under the outer plastic that held the box and Strategy Guide togeter. Could this one be that, with the Strategy Guide already removed?
  6. Tseki

    Tseki Guest

    Yes I think I hear it moving. Could also be something else that is moving inside. So might be that here is no white cardboard tray included and jewel case is free inside the box?
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  7. Tseki

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    Everything looks so "intact" and I don't think that anything is removed from this package.
  8. omar

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    I was intially thinking the same thing jacuzi.
    I used to have some good reference photos of a sealed one, but can't find them at the moment... I only found photos of opened copies that may or may not have contained the ribbon when they were still sealed.

    If I remember correctly BigPetr has a sealed copy of the ribbon version in is collection and could shed some light on this.

    But the only way to tell for sure without opening it is to weigh it, if it is about 200g heavier than the standard one it's safe to say the guide is included inside the box.
  9. omar

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    If it's freely moving odds are there is no paper tray, even when ripped free it should prevent the CD case from sliding around as easily as without it.
  10. Tseki

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    Thank you for the thoughts. Too bad I can't open the game :/
  11. Tseki

    Tseki Guest

    I have sold this W/HB copy but I believe the best answer is that it came with official hint book / Official Player's Guide.
  12. Ahenobarbus

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    This is old thread but I just found it and because I now own sealed Full Throttle + Official Strategy Guide box, I decided to post a picture and share some thoughts.

    My box has the same "The Best of Everything Computer Life" sticker and the same "upper bar code" 1076012 like it was in Tseki`s box, so it might very well be an original FT + Strategy Guide package box, and it`s now missing the Strategy Guide.

    I only wonder why Tseki`s box was still sealed... It seems to me that there is only one shrink wrapping around the game box and the strategy guide. If I remove the guide, the game will also lose the plastic :confused:

    FT W HB.jpg
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