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Discussion in 'Day of the Tentacle' started by m0rph, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. m0rph

    m0rph New Member

    I just got a copy of DoT with some diapositive inside the box with in-game scenes. I never heard of them.
    Anybody knows anything about them? I tried to upload some pictures but the forum is giving me an error...

  2. m0rph

    m0rph New Member

  3. Ahenobarbus

    Ahenobarbus Member

    Really cool! but no idea why they are there o_O

    I also tried to upload some pictures, but the site gives me the same error... I try the LucasArts Shrine site later today.
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  4. omar

    omar Member

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  5. m0rph

    m0rph New Member

  6. omar

    omar Member

    They are really rare, but odds are they're only a small part of a larger "Press Release Kit".
  7. m0rph

    m0rph New Member

    Yea, I had the impression that they are only a small part. They are numbered, I have 3 of them and are numbered #4 #5 and #12
  8. jacuzi

    jacuzi Moderator Staff Member

    Cool find! I had similar diapositives of some very early Star War games and movies few years ago. Received those from a former LEC employee

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