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    Looks like a cup may have been placed on the front of the box causing a water rings, along with the frayed corner and the others a bit scuffed.
    Otherwise no crushing, discoloring so that's at least something...
    The docs/media appear to be in great condition (missing a lot of the misc documents).

    I have a similar copies in my collection, except for they contain a slightly later LEC registration card (accompanied with The Adventurer #7):

    Don't have my docs in front of me, but it looks like this copy contains a LEC registration card (accompanied with The Adventurer #6 or earlier) from an earlier release than mine.
    For example the DOTT Triangle box or the earlier DOTT floppy release:

    The seller states he used to own more LucasArts games, so it's possible this snug into this copy from one of them... but this might also be normal, would need to check my docs to be sure.

    Honestly, those water rings would annoy me quite a bit (if it's not the camera or something else playing tricks with my eyes).
    If they doesn't bother you I'd value it at maximum 80 USD, they devalue the game quite a bit since most collector's want to display the game boxes...

    But like I've said before, my price estimates aren't law... these are just my estimates and different sellers might value this copy completely different.
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    Thank you!
    I really didn't notice the water ring mark!
    Thanks for all the other details. I think I'll skip this one.

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