Day of the Tentacle 5.25" IBM USA disks

Discussion in 'Day of the Tentacle' started by Tseki, Dec 24, 2014.

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    I bring back old thread from the old forum. Anyone seen Day of the Tentacle 5.25" IBM USA disks? The game shipped with disk trade leaflet so I assume someone traded 3.5" disks to 5.25" disks but I haven't seen those. Anyone else seen those and maybe even able to bring a picture?
  2. Tseki

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    Still haven't seen a picture of these and still looking for so if anyone have these disks or a picture please post!
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    Holy cow! Thank you SveinT for sharing this!

    I downloaded the pictures and uploaded them here for archiving purposes:

    Next we need to see Sam & Max 5.25" USA disks :)
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