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  1. omar

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    There are a lot of different versions of game boxes with all sorts of various documentation.
    So I'm going to post some random comparisons of versions here with some information relating to them.

    If anybody needs information about any specific version/document feel free to ask.

    Photos of games that are currently in my collection:

    Pleas note though, I will not supply anyone with complete scans of documents or copies of the media... so don't ask...
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  2. omar

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    Let's start with a quick manual comparison (this is just a front page comparison, the content is completely different in all manuals).
    The first manual is from an USA 5.25 EGA, it's also identical to many other versions.
    For example the USA 3.5 EGA, Amiga and etc., also some UK big box (USA box) versions of the game.

    The second is from an USA Mac version, it's got more of a glossy finish and darker printing then the previous version but same size.

    The third is a Paradise VGA manual, it's a bit larger and the "Indy" and slightly more contrast in the printing than the others.

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  3. omar

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    Next it's time for some grail diary versions. The content of all the diaries appears to be identical, just the printing and binding process that changes.

    In the top left is the standard USA diary, it has yellow pages and unlike most other versions a spine (the FM towns version is similar to the USA one, only a lot darker brown color used on the cover),

    In the top right is the Paradise version, it is almost identical to the UK versions, except it has a lighter brown cover (hard to see in photos).

    In the bottom left is the Slash budget version, it is also bound similar to the UK version but printed entirely in black & white.

    In the bottom right is the standard UK version (Found in both the USA box releases and he smaller UK Gold European releases).
    Like many of the other diaries it has 2 staples through the center of the diary instead of a spine like the standard USA version.

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  4. omar

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    Most Paradise VGA versions have content that is not used in any other releases.

    But in my collection I have a release that contained the standard LucasFilm VGA floppies instead of the Paradise copies.
    So I suspect there may be some releases out there that contain misc content from the LucasFilm releases like some of the Slash budget copies did.

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  5. omar

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    A comparison of the translation tables from an USA version and an UK one.
    All UK versions appeared to contain the small version of the translation table (even the USA big boxes). It was also way more glossy than the USA printing.

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  6. omar

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    The kixx version of the diary was a complete reprint, the content was typed and printed on a plain pieces of paper to save on printing costs.
    Some kixx versions did though contain an original diary, but most of them contained this one.

    Also in the attached photo is the manual from the kixx release.

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  7. Tseki

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    Thank you omar for sharing this with us!
  8. ym173

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    Thanks, that's some interesting information!
    I guess the reprinted kixx diary is 13 pages instead of 64? That's how it appeared in 'Classic Adventures' compilation.
  9. omar

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    The kixx diary has 13 pages of actual content and then it has extra 3 pages that are blank simply due to the fact that they were printing 4 pages on one sheet of white paper (4 slightly bigger than A4 sized papers).

    The pages are almost identical to the pages from the manual in the 'Classic Adventures' compilation.
    Only the header has been removed, the page numbers changed in the footer and an extra copyright text added on the 13. page of the kixx version.

    I think it's safe to assume that the Kixx versions is a slightly altered copy of the 'Classic adventures" manual that was released the same year as the kixx release of the game....

    Really nicely spotted @ym173 , I didn't even think to check if they were the same. :)

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  10. Tseki

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    Well, Kixx releases are budget releases and it's cheaper to print 13 pages than 64 so that makes sense to me.

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