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    Heads up if you're after NIB Grim Fandango

    I saw this through my feed, so it's not me selling, and I thought I'd post it here fast if anyone hunting for this would miss it. Not the most odinary one as of the DotT that's included in the box, and it looks like a legit one. But anyways, good luck to possible bidders ;) Ebay link...
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    Quick heads up: DoTT Triangular on Ebay

    Thought I'd just share it for anyone hunting this, saw that none posted it here. And no, I am not dead, I've just not posted in a long time :). And of course it is not me selling my Triangular, just hit the link when going through my emails. It seems it's missing the Adventurer and the reg card...
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    Interesting poster

    I just saw this neat 3D poster and I thought I'd share it here. This must be the one from the german release of the box I assume. Anyways, ebay link: