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  1. LargoLe

    MI2 black floppies

    I cant see the response. What was the difference between the black and grey floppies?
  2. LargoLe

    Missing Monkey Island Items

    Members on the Big Box group on FB went nutso when they saw that cut out!
  3. LargoLe

    How well do you keep track of the items in your collection?

    I've started tracking my collection via spreadsheet and similarly do the same as Ahenobarbus; where I try to learn the history of an item - where I purchased it and when (with photos of the sale item), if the seller was the original owner, what kind of environment it was kept in, etc. I'm a bit...
  4. LargoLe

    Big Box Protection

    Not sure anyone has brought this up on here - the search forums didn't yield much... Due to the high costs of importing plastic cases as well as the varied sizes of game boxes, I've started storing my collection into archival bags. Huge thanks to the team at Big Box PC Game Collectors on...
  5. LargoLe

    Missing Monkey Island Items

    Hey! I like this. As for the cloth map, I had no idea that existed either until I read mention of it on this site. I've since posted this in the Big Box Facebook group - feedback was great, a lot of amazed collectors!
  6. LargoLe

    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    These are hard to find, but I have seen them pop-up now and then on eBay.
  7. LargoLe

    New Forum Software

    That's unfortunate what other reference based sites is everyone currently using. I've found Computer Game Museum ( and
  8. LargoLe

    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    I recently started collecting some of the Lucasfilm\Lucasarts classics I remember playing way back when. Alot of the inspiration came from this site as well as a few Facebook groups. I'd say the ones I'm most proud of are Loom (with the audio cassette) and Maniac Mansion, both of which are CIB...
  9. LargoLe

    WTB: Zak McKracken IBM CIB

    This might a long shot - but I'm on the lookout for a Zak McKracken CIB IBM Box.
  10. LargoLe

    On the hunt to acquire all the classic Lucasfilm\Lucasarts games I remember playing (incl. the...

    On the hunt to acquire all the classic Lucasfilm\Lucasarts games I remember playing (incl. the rare ones)
  11. LargoLe

    Sam & Max CD variant in Lucas Arts Archive vol.1

    I own this exact set and mine does not have the silver pressed variant.