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  1. M'am N. Sax

    Fate of Atlantis inserts

    Hey all! I recently got the enhanced version of FoA, which is seemingly complete and with the same stuff as it originally came with. I was wondering if anyone has seen this particular set before, one of the inserts has a web address on it, which might indicate it's a bit later than '92? No...
  2. M'am N. Sax

    Bits and bobs for MI2, FoA, and Last Crusade

    Hi all! I'm searching for some missing pieces for some big box IBM/Macintosh games. I know all these are all probably long shots, but if anyone has some extras lying around, give me a holler! All English versions. Monkey Island 2: Lechuck's Revenge (IBM) Hint book Adventurer mailer IBM...
  3. M'am N. Sax

    Max plushie petition

    Hi all! I'm quite new to the forums so feel free to tell me if I'm outta line on anything, but I really wanted to share the petition to bring back the Max plushie from Hashtag Collectibles, will it be considered as spam or something if I paste the link to it? Or otherwise, do you think it's out...