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    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade question

    To my understanding, only boxes that state "VGA only" contain the VGA version of the game. The other boxes that indicate VGA, indicate it because the EGA version also works with VGA compatible hardware. So to me it's that way : CGA, EGA, VGA = EGA version of the game VGA only = VGA version of...
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    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    They seem faithful to the game ! I also updated my website with new copies, I'm particularly pleased with a boxed French VGA MI1 and a French MI1 hint book, really really hard to find ! Here is the link :
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    Bits and bobs for MI2, FoA, and Last Crusade

    Yes these on Ebay are mine, but quite expensive though for only single page papers. I can make you a fair price. Message me by pm to discuss this.
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    Bits and bobs for MI2, FoA, and Last Crusade

    Hi, M'am N. Sax (How is that pronounced ?!) First welcome to the forum ! I do have an extra Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Hint sheet and IBM refence card :
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    10 Adventures Lucasarts

    Congrats ! It seems more and more complicated to find good prices for copies these days...
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    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    French Monkey Island 2 are not that rare but they haven't poped out on Ebay for a while... I bought the Amiga one last year, 4 or 5 copies were sold on Ebay in only one month !
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    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    Hi guys, the forum is not very active these days but here are some of my new findings : Zak McKracken PC 3,5"/5,25", Maniac Mansion Atari ST, Monkey Island 2 Macintosh, Grim Fandango guide and others ! All are visible on my website : I've added...
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    Monkey Island double sticker IBM/AMIGA

    As far as I know, MI1 boxes have no sticker (understand "printed on the box sticker") only for IBM 5.25" and Macintosh floppies versions. For all other versions (Amiga, Atari ST, IBM 3.5", IBM VGA, ...), the boxes are the IBM 5,25" ones with the corresponding sticker. Some stickers are quite...
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    Rare 384k release of Zak McKracken

    I've made some research and Zak stickers seems to be the same as Maniac Mansion v3 two parts box ones. So I'm guessing the corresponding 3,5" 384k sticker for Zak would be the same as this one :
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    Rare 384k release of Zak McKracken

    This release seems to be rare indeed. I have the 384k 3x 5.25" & 2x 3.5" version but without the box. The corresponding sticker is from what I found on the internet : I also found an image of the box with a blue sticker, though it's the first time I've ever seen the box with this sticker, it's...
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    Zak McKracken two parts box model (in French)

    Thank you LargoLe. I've stopped this project for now as I started working... Can you maybe share with us your creations? I'd like to see it!
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    Missing Monkey Island Items

    Can someone estimate the price of the compass ?
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    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    Welcome LargoLe ! Do you have some photos of your collection to share with us ? Some new interestering finds in my collection (Zak McKracken Amiga, some english hint books, Loom Amiga, The Secret of Monkey Island on Amiga, ...) All my new finds are visible on my website ...
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    Looking for The Secret of Monkey Island CIB

    Hi m0rph, I assume you're looking for English versions. If you're ok with UK copies, I advise you to regularly check MI1 CIB oftens shows up at auction.
  15. Maniac Mansion Amiga French

    Maniac Mansion Amiga French