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    Enough with the Spam

    Great news!! New life to this site :)
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    EFMI Drinking Coasters

    Count me in, I need one too :D
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    DoT diapositive

    Really cool! but no idea why they are there o_O I also tried to upload some pictures, but the site gives me the same error... I try the LucasArts Shrine site later today.
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    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    Solid collection! I haven`t photographed my collections methodically yet. It`s something I want to do but it might take some time :)
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    Zak McKracken 30th Anniversary and more

    I have a small vacation now, so I`m definitely going to watch it :)
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    Rare/signed/sealed/promo items on eBay

    Sealed C64 Maniac Mansion 1st. edition. Interesting to see how this goes :)
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    Zak McKracken 30th Anniversary and more

    I think David Fox visited Italy a couple of weeks ago for attending some Zak McKracken 30th Anniversary festivities. Some italian guys have made a fan film based on Zak McKracken and released it a while ago I think... I haven`t watched it yet...
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    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    October update --> some new LucasArts and LucasArts related additions: - Another Full Throttle Bandana scarf in great condition. - Full Throttle Remastered PlayStation Experience Card 2016 in mint condition. - Full Throttle / Dark Forces / Rebel Assault Demo CD (Sealed) - Sam & Max Comic Con...
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    The Dig Novel variations

    How many different novel variations exist and which variations are included in The Dig - Novel Edition box?
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    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    Really nice additions yet again! Big thumbs up for the Original Full Throttle poster. I need that thing too :) What kind of sticker variant that Loom bag has? Two last months have been slow for me after that bigger haul, but I have some LucasArts related things in transit and will update here...
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    Full Throttle W/HB?

    I hear cd-case moving in my box so it doesn`t seem to contain cd-tray. My box has been in the hands of well known LucasArts collectors before me and the shrink wrapping is clean and perfect in every way so I`m pretty sure my box is original factory sealed, not rewrapped and it should contain...
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    Full Throttle W/HB?

    Yep, I have pretty accurate kitchen scale, so the result should be pretty reliable. Can we compare our scales some other ways? My CIB FT box (in the picture) weighs 328 g. Box + inner cd-tray + cd weighs 229 g My box contains The Adventurer #10 = 58 g The Mini Official Player`s Guide = 29 g...
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    Full Throttle W/HB?

    When you have time, tell me what your result was and is there same 1076012 W/HB bar code in your box? :)
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    Full Throttle W/HB?

    Sure, my scale says 740 g